Juan Moro

Juan Moro has played flamenco guitar professionally for over 30 years. He spent many years in Spain studying and performing, honing his flamenco rhythm and accompaniment in the famous Amor de Dios dance studios. He has extensive performance experience in Spain, including in Madrid's Café Silverio with singers such as Rafael Romero, Enrique Oruzco, and El Gitano del Bronce. In the United States, he has played for major dance companies in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Juan appears on the videos Curso de Sevillanas de la Luz and the German documentary Flamenco. Juan's guitar solos are featured on the Flamenco Society recording Olé Flamenco and his full-length solo CD Cinfución was released in November 2008 (see Music). In San Diego, Juan has perfomed extensively at Café Sevilla, Olé Madrid, and La Estancia Hotel and Spa. He currently appears at La Gran Tapa and Costa Brava resertaunts (see Events).